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Building a budget for your next office? Our goal is to answer your most urgent questions quickly and honestly so you make an informed decision. We have purchase plans to meet every organization’s needs.

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Your consultant and our design team will create the perfect space with you.

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In a hurry? Use our “One Minute” Budget Builder. Select the layout that best fits your office style and we’ll provide you an estimate based on headcount or square footage.

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Let us do what we do best – get to know you and your needs. Our team will work within your constraints and budget to be affordable with style.

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Our virtual showroom technology showcases available options so you can easily visualize the possibilities.

  • Better Understanding – Understand what 2D architectural plans will look like
  • Emotional Connection – NexGen VR Showroom helps you visualize and connect with your new office
  • Peace of Mind – Remove barriers and ease purchase anxiety for stakeholders
  • Dynamic Technology – Don’t just imagine what you can do, see it!

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