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All prices are bundled to include shipping, delivery, installation and design. This means our line-item price might seem higher than another dealer but ours reflects the true cost. Our promise is simple yet competitive pricing with no surprises at any point in the process.

Rough Budget

Are you looking for a rough budget fast? Our “One-Minute” Budget Builder will give you a ballpark number faster than you can go refill your coffee.

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Are you ready to start planning? The build tool will give you a firm, all in price for a basic project using the most popular items and planning styles. If you would like to make a few changes or go with something different, the tool will still help get a you a budget you can count on.

Purchase Plans

We know the most important thing to spend you money on is not office furniture. We offer 4 purchase plans (seen below) to keep your money where you need it including a FAAS plan which can scale or shrink as you need it with a low monthly payment.

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