How Can My Office Attract the Best Employees (and get them in the office)?

Top talent is hard to find and even harder to retain once they've signed on. Many employers are looking for an edge and one basic need is having a workspace that stands out to candidates in a positive way.

November 18, 2022

It is tough to hire in the current economy. Top talent is hard to find and even harder to retain once they’ve signed on. Many employers are looking for an edge and one basic need is having a workspace that stands out to candidates in a positive way. Quality furniture and cutting-edge design can not only enhance productivity but can also be a great amenity to help attract the best people for your team and get them in the office.

Years of research and work have been dedicated to designing office spaces to enhance productivity. The main thing employees want in a job and in a workspace is more flexibility and choice. Choice in where and how they work the type of environment they help to create. Open office plans, hybrid plans, neighborhood-based work environments and agile office designs are a few different ways of trying to create the conditions for your employees to give their best performance possible and provide that flexibility. The ability of your team to collaborate is crucial, as is the ability to get away from distractions for effective heads-down time, all ideally in an attractive and interesting environment. These are some of the challenges that superior design will address and having a thoughtfully designed office layout can improve both employee productivity and morale. In the end, you must offer employees more than they can get working at home: More choice, more amenities, more connection.

To keep great employees, salary and benefits are always important but when competition is tight, things like the comfort and aesthetics of an office space can be a deciding factor in the decision a candidate makes. People stay at a job because of the people they work with and for and a sense of belonging at the organization which the space design can help create. When a prospective hire has a choice between working for a company that has old cubicles, bad lighting, and uncomfortable seating vs a modern office with the ability to move freely between multiple workspace options, comfortable collaboration zones, dedicated quiet spaces, ergonomic task seating and bright, natural light; the choice can be obvious.

Because of these and other factors, upgrading your office interior can have a great return on investment. The cost can be substantial up front but when you consider the direct and indirect costs of replacing even one long term employee, it starts to seem very reasonable. Take a look at this article by Profit Co on this subject. Workplace satisfaction is a huge factor in determining whether someone is looking for other options and giving employees a great environment shows that you value their wellbeing. Employees who feel valued are more likely to contribute everything they can as a part of your team.

If you are looking for ways to recruit and retain the best employees, a well-designed and furnished office should be high on your list of options. In a rev The state of your office space reflects your organization’s culture and values, and this is going to make an instant first impression on any applicant who walks through your doors. If you are asking your team to spend their days working in this environment, you should think about how that is going to make them feel. Then you will understand the kind of effect your workspace has on the attitudes of the people who currently work there and the people you are hoping will be with you in the future. NexGen Workspace is here to help-check out our build tool for a quick price quote and let our designers help you create a workspace that stands out from the competition! Our furniture as a service options also allows you to make a big change with a small monthly investment.

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