Best Standing Desk: 3 Things To Look For

There are many styles, brands, and features when it comes to purchasing a standing desk. Learn what you need to look for to find the best adjustable standing desk here!

May 24, 2022

A standing height desk has become one of the most popular options when creating a workstation. The option to sit and stand while working has many ergonomic and overall health benefits. The great news in the cost of these products continues to come down as there is more and more competition in the market. In the blog we will cover a few industry insights as well as the top three things to look for when purchasing a sit to stand option for yourself or your whole office. 

Industry Insights.

Height Adjustable Desk vs. Sit Stand Unit – We covered the basic difference in our HAT blog, but why would you purchase a sit stand unit which sits on a desk versus a HAT (desk which adjusts up and down)? The old answer used to be cost, however, there is now only a negligible (under $100 per unit) difference on a sit to stand unit versus a height adjustable base. There are some cases where you can not change out the base of your desk, but in most cases the HAT base makes the most sense. The most common drawback overlooked in sit stand unit is a lot of desk space is lost when you have a sit to stand unit on your desk. These days, desks are only getting smaller.

Brand name doesn’t matter – there are a few instances where the company you buy from really does matter, however there is a little secret in this case. The entire commercial furniture industry buys their height adjustable bases from the same handful of factories overseas. I have seen the same base, with the same features and control sold under dozens of brand names. This is one of those cases where paying for the brand really does not matter.

What features should I look for?

  1. The number of “Stages” – Height adjustable desks have telescoping sections which go in or out as the desk adjusts. A stage is simply a section of that telescoping function which provides range of motion. Most less expensive desks are 2 stage desks with a range of motion from around a standard 30 inches in height up to about 42 inches in height. This fits the average adult quite well. However, if you or members of your workforce are under 5’5” or over 6’2” you should consider getting a 3 stage desk. The range varies but to get the ergonomic certification from ANSI BIFMA the desk should adjust from 22.5” to over 50”.
  2. Number of motors – Moving parts break. You want to have as few as possible when purchasing an adjustable desk. Most lower end desks have a single motor with a drive shaft carrying motion to the other leg. This usually makes the desk comparably loud and slow when adjusting and some even wobble as they adjust. This system of shafts and gears can break more often as well. Look for a desk with as many motors as you have legs.
  3. Safety – An absolute must for the desk is a gyroscopic safety break. So many times, I have adjusted my desk down not realizing there was something under it like a chair or umbrella. The safety break saves the desk and the item from damage. If purchasing a desk for home, this feature saves children from possible injury.

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