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Buying furniture doesn’t have to be difficult. Read how transparent processes can help you stay in your budget, have relevant information, and make informed decisions here.

May 24, 2022

The experience of buying office furniture can be slow and confusing. There is usually a long delay between meeting a dealer and even understanding what furniture you want, much less knowing what you will pay for it. It seems that the part of the process when you need the best understanding of your options is also the part when solid information is most difficult to come by. What you want is transparency. A transparent project process always keeps the customer aware of available and relevant information. This allows them to know what is happening, and what the next steps are, so they can make informed decisions.

The first step of our process at NexGen is to create your budget. Our budget tool will give you a package price for everything needed to build out your project with quality furniture from our standard lines. Right from the start, you have a baseline for your budget and timeline and can choose the payment plan option that works best for your organization.

As we move through the design process, one of our top priorities is timely response with updates. Being kept waiting at this point leaves you wondering what is happening and when you will know the schedule to complete this job.  NexGen’s process is to work with you during design to make sure you know the effects of any design changes on budget and schedule, and to return completed design quickly after initial consultation.

Once design is finalized and your furniture is ordered, you don’t want to be forgotten. At this point in NexGen’s process, you will begin work with your dedicated project manager. Your PM provides regular status updates and will be available to answer questions or adjust schedules if your needs change. NexGen will stay in contact with you through the final installation of your project and beyond, providing quarterly quality checks for any needed warranty repairs and to help you meet your changing needs as an organization.

A transparent process is one that keeps you always informed and in the loop as a decision maker.  At NexGen, it is our top priority to help you understand every aspect of your project, right from the start. This is the kind of customer experience most people want when making an important purchase for their organization. Please contact us today for help answering any of your questions about your project or the services we provide!

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