How fast can I get office furniture installed?

Have you gone to a store to buy a couch or an appliance only to be told that item was on back order and it would be weeks or months before you get that item. That is so frustrating right?

November 18, 2021

Have you gone to a store to buy a couch or an appliance only to be told that item was on back order and it would be weeks or months before you get that item. That is so frustrating right? Maybe your refrigerator has broken or you have already dumped your old couch…what do you do now?

The same thing can happen with office furniture. Circumstances can tighten your timeline or you did not know the standard lead time is 2-3 months. You are now one month out from your move. What options do you have? 

I need furniture this weekend

If you only have a few days there are still options available. Renting furniture is a good short-term option and most cities have vendors with items in stock they can rent to you and have delivered in a matter of days. If you need the furniture longer than a few months, purchasing is the economical choice. Some cities have good used furniture dealers with stock in place however there are still some new options available. Offices To Go (OTG) for instance has a full line of office furniture and has pre-staged the items in distribution centers across the country. The items are well priced, commercial quality and can be delivered to you in a matter of days. If you find yourself in this circumstance, time is not on our side. You need to place your order ASAP because the availability of trucks and installers in an abbreviated period can evaporate quickly. 

I need office furniture by the end of this month or next month

Congratulations, you have planned a little bit and are in the same boat as most people shopping for office furniture for the first time. The unwelcome news is the traditional commercial furniture industry is built for those who plan 6 months plus ahead. Do not worry though, you can still get custom options and top of the line design but you need to move quickly. You do not have weeks you have days. Remember, the lead time for an item may say one week but that is 7 business days and the times starts once the order gets to the manufacturer. Add in design time, time to process the order and receive your payment and shipping and 3-4 weeks is the actual time a one-week lead time item takes to get to you. For systems furniture there are still options from manufactures like AIS and Friant in their quick ship programs and in in stock seating and office items from Global. The entire line of seating from Sit On It is still available to you. With a one-month timeline you will have to sacrifice a bit on options. You will have a dozen or so paints and finishes to choose from instead of thousands and you will be limited to the lines within the quick ship program but you can still get an office which fits your brand with the most popular items.

I need furniture in more than three months

Do you have 12 week (about 3 months) or more? Then the world is your oyster. Be aware though, as stated above, every lead time needs to be padded a few extra weeks for processing and shipping in the commercial furniture industry. Stated lead times are for manufacturing only. Be sure to get your order in with several weeks of buffer. Still, at this point, thousands of options, any color, and finish is open to you. The full line of Evolve or the great styles from OFS. In this period, you can get anything you want.

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