How Long Do Office Chairs Last?

Curious about how long office chairs last? A good office chair can increase productivity by 17%. Learn about making this long-term investment here.

November 9, 2022

Research shows that providing employees with good office chairs can increase their overall productivity by over 17%. If you spend a lot of your time in an office chair, this fact probably doesn’t surprise you. There’s a massive difference between a mediocre chair and one that helps you do your best work.

Needless to say, great office chairs are a smart investment for your office. They can, however, be costly. That’s why people spend a lot of time trying to ensure they find the right one before taking the plunge. 

Before you purchase chairs for your office, consider how long they last and when you’ll have to replace them. If you already have great chairs, but they’re showing signs of wear and tear, it may be time to upgrade. No matter your situation, this article lays out the facts on how long office chairs last.

How Long Should an Office Chair Last?

A quality office chair with a 5-year warranty will likely last around 7–8 years. If you have a warranty of 10+ years, it will probably last around 12–15 years. Why do we mention the warranties on the chairs? It has less to do with the warranties themselves and more with what they imply about the quality of the chairs. 

Manufacturers who are more confident in the quality of their products will cover them for longer. This is a great factor to consider when looking to furnish your office space. 

What Factors Impact the Life of an Office Chair?

Now that you have a general understanding of your office chair’s lifespan, we can discuss the individual factors that impact its life. 

Frequency of Use

All things tend to break down with age, so if you’ve had your office chair for a long time, it’s only natural for it to show some wear and tear. Of course, it depends on how often you use the chair throughout the day. If you only use it for an hour a day, it will last longer than if you use it for eight hours daily.


The materials your chair uses drastically impact its lifespan. If an office chair is constructed of cheap plastic, you can’t expect it to last as long as an aluminum one. While chairs made of metal and wood also tend to last, they’re harder to come by. 

Construction Quality

While the materials used to build the chair are crucial for the quality of the piece, the ways those materials are utilized are just as important. Some manufacturers have a high level of quality control, while others are mass-produced and don’t undergo the same processes. Look for reputable companies that boast about the time and effort spent on their products. 

How Do I Know When to Replace My Office Chair?

Are you starting to suspect it might be time to get a replacement office chair? Chances are, you’re probably right. Knowing when to replace your chair—or the chairs throughout your office—is a fairly intuitive process. 

Still, it can be helpful to know the warning signs so you can plan ahead. It may be time to replace your office chair if:

  • Your warranty is about to expire.
  • There are visible cracks or tears in the materials.
  • It’s no longer comfortable to sit in. 
  • The mechanisms and parts are no longer stable or tight.
  • The overall appearance of the chair is shabby.

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