How Much Is It to Rent Furniture for Your Office? (With Budget Calculator)

Wondering how much it is to rent furniture for your office space? It can be complex, but NexGen Workspace’s budget calculator makes it simple. Learn more here.

September 19, 2022

Outfitting an office is an expensive endeavor. To make things more complicated, you might be on a sub-lease, in a temporary space, or unsure of the amount of office space you’ll need in the coming years. These situations are becoming more common, and the dilemma leads many businesses to consider renting office furniture instead of buying it.

In this article, we’re answering how much it is to rent furniture for your office. Let’s dive in and find out if this is your best option. 

What Is Furniture Rental?

You may not have thought about office furniture renting as an option. You might want to consider it because it’s a great way to outfit an office without taking the plunge and purchasing all new pieces. 

Renting furniture is the process of leasing furnishings for a temporary period. You’ll typically pay a monthly fee to rent your office furnishings.

What Are the Advantages of Renting Furniture?

Deciding whether to rent or buy office furniture can be a difficult decision. There are three significant advantages to those looking to rent office furniture. Here are the top three reasons you should rent furniture if you’re in a temporary office space, on a sub-lease, or in a similar situation.

1. Save Money

Purchasing furniture to outfit an entire office space can quickly become expensive. Renting or leasing furniture can be a great money saver, especially if you opt for a rent-to-buy option. In rent-to-buy agreements, you can eventually pay off the pieces in a way that doesn’t place a financial burden on your company like spending thousands of dollars outright would.

2. Eco-Friendly

More furniture than you can imagine gets thrown into landfills every year. This waste leaves toxic chemicals and other materials behind and is hard on the environment. By renting furniture, you’re breathing new life into the pieces.

3. Flexible Lease Times

Sometimes, you only need office furniture for a short period. Maybe you’re waiting to move into a more permanent space or transitioning to a hybrid work environment. No matter your situation, sometimes you need flexibility. 

That’s where leasing office furniture comes in. You can opt to use the furniture for short periods, allowing for more flexibility in your environment transitions. 

How Much Does Furniture Rental Cost?

Most business owners considering office furniture rental want to know the associated costs. It’s difficult to estimate how much your company will spend a month on renting furniture because each business is unique in its needs, style, and preferences. It depends on the length of your lease, the amount of furniture, the size of your office space, and the style you choose. 

3 Factors to Consider When Budgeting Furniture Rental

Knowing the factors that influence your furniture rental budget is essential if you’re a business owner. Especially if you’ve never leased furniture before, the best thing you can do is educate yourself on the process

Here are the three main factors that impact the cost of your office furniture rental:

1. Furniture styles and quality: The style and desired level of furniture quality will impact your overall cost.

2. Lease length: Longer leases might mean better discounts, but shorter-term rentals could be a better option. 

3. Delivery method: The size and location of your office will determine the delivery method for your rented furniture. Other things to consider include assembly, transport, and the number of stairs in your space.

These aren’t the only factors your furniture renting budget should encompass, but it’s a great place to start. Other components to think about include:

  • Cleaning costs
  • Damage to furniture
  • Warehouse and furniture showroom fees

The most important thing is to create a solid budget for your office furniture rental. You won’t be surprised by hidden costs, and you’ll have a clear vision of what will be the best fit. 

Create a Budget for Your Office Furniture Project with NexGen Workspace

Considering all of this information is a time-consuming task, and a business owner needs to have resources to outfit their office successfully. At NexGen Workspace, we make it easy to access those resources. 

Use our comprehensive budget calculator to visualize your space and make the best decisions for your business.

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