How To Choose an Office Chair [Your Questions Answered]

Need an affordable and ergonomic office chair? Know which office chair is best for you and have all of your questions answered here.

January 26, 2022

Which type of office chair is best for you?

If you are shopping for an office chair you have probably seen a lot of list or videos about the most common types of office chair mechanism. Some might even tell you they love their brand names chair or even call out the make like Aeron or Freedom. But what makes chairs different from one another and which chair is best for you? 

This list is not a list of different chairs or mechanisms but circumstances or needs you might have, and which chair will be best for you in those cases. Also, as a note, you should plan on spending at least $250 on a quality chair. If you see something for less than that I can promise you it will break down on you sooner rather than later and will not stand up to daily use. It will come with no warrantee as well. Check out our resource on consumer grade vs. commercial furniture for more information.

I need a chair and I want it to be around $250 – Perhaps you spent a lot of money in other areas of the office, and you just need some good chairs for a meeting room. Perhaps you are upgrading from a dining chair, and anything is better. In any case, what should I look for in chairs at this price point? At this price point you will be getting a swivel tilt mechanism. This is a basic office chair where the seat and the back are locked together. If you lean back your feet will come off the floor. Try some of the quality import brands such as OTG or Friant for the most bang for your buck. These chairs are not the most comfortable to sit in long term but are an excellent value.

My ergonomist told me I need to sit like this-If you have been told you need to sit at a decline or have carpel tunnel and need specific arm rest support then the multi-function chair is for you. These chairs have multiple locks and levers which can adjust chair tilt, back tilt, arm rest angle and lock them in specific positions. These chairs work great for those who sit at a desk all day and need extra ergonomic support, or they develop aches and pains. Most users will not need all the adjustments available and will not use them and they can be complex to operate. Few choose these for an entire office. Global has great options in this category. Plan to spend at least $500-$700 on these chairs.

I am looking for a quality ergonomic chair which fits most people in my office – the most popular chair function on the market is the synchro tilt chair. This chair has a back which moves independently from the seat and is amazingly comfortable to lean back in. It has a tension adjuster for the back rest, usually some lumbar support and can have adjustable arms and a seat slider to adjust for different user heights. It has a good mix of ergonomic support yet simple function. Sit On It seating is a great option for these types of chairs.  Plan to spend $300-$450 for one of these chairs with mid-range options.

My team shares desks, I need a quality chair with the simplest adjustments possible – If you want a simple to use yet great ergonomic chair then you should consider a weight adjusting chair. These chairs adjust the seat back tension based on the user’s weight. The only adjustment needed is the seat height and you are good to go. These chairs work great in a hybrid or shared office environment. This function used to come with a higher price tag…over $600 but this price has come down in recent years. The Factor Chair from Global comes in around $300. The one drawback is without an adjustment, some have a personal preferent for more or less resistance than the mechanism gives.

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