Should I Buy a Standing Desk or a Desk Top Sit to Stand?

Should I ditch the desk I have and get a new height adjustable desk or look for something to go on top of my current desk. 

November 15, 2021

If you are researching this topic, you have probably already decided that the option to stand at work is right for you. Now you must decide, should I ditch the desk I have and get a new height adjustable desk or look for something to go on top of my current desk. 

The desk top units are of course easier to install, and they are a few dollars cheaper than a completely new desk. So why go with a full height adjustable desk? Below is an unbiased case for both giving you the information you need to make the best choice for you. 

The Case for a new height adjustable desk

  1. The price. Although the cost is more than some desk top units, the difference is only about $100. These days. In our experience we have never heard someone regret getting a height adjustable desk, but we have heard regrets around the desk top units.
  1. You like your desk space. A height adjustable desk with a monitor arm provides you complete access to the surface of your desk.  The desk top units take up a lot of surface area and don’t allow you to lay out as many papers or other items on your desk. A full adjustable desk keeps things open.
  1. You want full ergonomic benefits. Desk top units are limited in the range they can move for several reasons. They cannot go lower than the desk they sit on and most only give 12-15 inches of lift. If you are over taller or shorter than average this mean the unit is not going the quite fit and may be uncomfortable to use.
  1. You type with a heavy hand. The convenience of the desk top unit means it is just sitting on your desk. In many cases the units shake a bit as you type or write, and some find this annoying.

The Case for a sit to stand desktop converter.

  1. The price. As stated above the difference is only about a $100 but the benefits above might not be worth it to you. 
  1. You like a lot of desk storage. Let’s face it. Most of the height adjustable desk on the market are minimal on storage. You might have one small storage piece or most likely nothing. 
  1. You are in no way going to get rid of your desk. Maybe your desk is an heirloom, or you just love the way it fits in the office. You can bet if the president of the United States wanted to stand while working, they would not be replacing the resolute desk. 
  1. Your desk is built into the floor or the wall and there is no way to move it. This can be the case for many reception stations or other similar areas. The only option is the desk top unit.

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