Project Spotlight: Stack Real Estate Lobby Redesign

Nexgen's project spotlight features Stack Real Estate who wanted a striking redesign of a lobby to stand out and attract prospective renters.

October 19, 2022

The design process for commercial furniture can be confusing. It’s hard to know where to start, get your priorities in order, and envision a style that fits your team. We are focused on making this as simple and transparent as possible. NexGen prides itself on being quick in the design and budgeting stages of the commercial furniture buying process. We are focused on answering your questions quickly and accurately to allow you to make important decisions efficiently. We offer lines of furniture chosen for availability and short lead times.

However, this does not mean that NexGen does not do higher-end design and offers unique showcase products and spaces. We provide full design and consultation services and are here to work with you to understand your needs and create a space with the style and function you are looking for.

About Stack Real Estate: Simply put, Stack builds the best buildings, for the best companies, in the best locations. They do it right the first time and get “out of the box” to deliver awesome looking design and unmatched amenities, all with the efficiency you’d expect. They are head quartered in the middle of Utah’s Silicon Slopes.

Project Overview: Stack Real Estate approached NexGen with a project where a single-tenant location was changing to a multi-tenant and the lobbies would become public spaces. The owner needed to make this attractive to help fill the new vacancies. They needed something with a striking style to stand out for prospective renters.

Stack Real Estate owns many properties with a contemporary style and initially wanted to maintain consistency with this, so our first design was a contemporary style using products available in weeks and combined with artwork and a designer rug to create a stylish elevator lobby area.  

After the initial design, the Stack decided they wanted to make a statement with the space and the design and go in a different direction from their previous buildings. In this iteration, price and lead time took a back seat to the aesthetic. The solution we produced was to go with a manufacturer who specializes in custom wood furniture, Sossego.

The NexGen Difference: Working through the design process can be a learning experience. Sometimes you need quality renderings to visualize the space and communicate with your team. NexGen works with you to provide options that will make your space exactly what you want-it’s worth taking the time to get it right. NexGen’s designers can create a space that fits your needs and your team’s personal style.

It’s worth noting that NexGen’s furniture-as-a-service plan also allows you to update your furniture on an annual basis if you desire-giving you the ability to try a design out, then adjust as your needs change. Whatever approach your organization prefers, NexGen will help get you through the design process as efficiently and painlessly as possible. You will receive the most accurate and timely information we have in real-time, and you will always know what the next step in the process will be. Whatever category you’re in, NexGen can help get you headed in the right direction.

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