Manufacturer Spotlight: Tandem Law – A Progressive Law Environment

Project By NexGen’s Global Furniture Partner| Adapted by Hanna Andrew

October 20, 2022

Products: River, Accord, Sirena

The traditional law environment is often a collection of cubicles and private offices that emphasize individuality, privacy and status. This hierarchal design has been utilized for decades, and its functionality makes it difficult to stray from. As new generations enter the workforce, however, so do a multiplicity of unique working styles that influence new trends within the work environment.

Tandem Family Law exclusively specializes in family law with a focus on personalized attention and teamwork. Their vision of a workplace that reflects their client-centered, team-based approach to law meant stepping away from traditional law office design and embracing the open plan environment.

Tandem wanted a diverse range of collaborative and private spaces to support equally diverse working styles. This was achieved through a number of environmental factors, including the installation of furniture with enough versatility to create configurations unique to the needs of each space. This versatility allows for spaces to be continuously tailored to the needs of working styles as they change, and brings a sense of ease to the areas in which workers spend the majority of their time.

The Tandem environment is progressive for a law firm. They deviate from the ‘skyscraper’ hierarchy not only on an architectural level, but also within their operational structure. Whereas an individual’s status is quite influential in more traditional law firms, the collaborative, team-based approach at Tandem allows work to stand on its own merit.

What is valued within companies is shifting; collaboration and community are being encouraged, employee retention is at the front of the agenda, and gender equity is a high priority. The physical built environment is evolving accordingly as these values inspire a shift in operational structure from that of individuality to a more collective working style.

And at Tandem Family Law, their built environment is a definite sign that this shift has made its way into the law office.

Spaces are just spaces until occupied by the people that give them narrative and function; built environments become defined by the interactions that inhabitants have with each other and with the space itself. Ultimately, the working styles and progressive values cultivated by the partners at Tandem Family Law influence the built environment and allow them to provide the best possible experience for their clients.

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