What Does the Office Furniture Buying Process Look Like?

Never be left wondering about the budget, design, or quality of your next office furniture project. NexGen’s unique and transparent processes have it all covered. Read about it here.

May 24, 2022

NexGen’s office furniture buying process is different. From start to finish we are upfront with our pricing and our timeline to be sure you are never left wondering… what is next and how much is this going to be?

The NexGen Process

  1. Scope and Budget- You create your own scope and budgetary quote at your own pace with our simple online tool or with the assistance of one of our consultants.
  2. Consultation – Next business day we will be in touch to specify project details and soft schedule all steps including your installation and ensure we have the information and files needed to plan your project. 
  3. Design – your consultant and our interior design team will create a floor plan and 3D renderings for your space. We make changes based on your input to be sure that your space is perfect.
  4. Review – Your specific floor plan, fabric and finish selections and quote are presented for your approval.
  5. Pre Project Walk – Your project manager meets you onsite to finalize delivery and installation details and field check key measurements.
  6. Installation – Your professional installation team builds your custom office.
  7. Post Project Walk – Your project manager and consultant walk the job to be sure all product is correct and undamaged.
  8. Quality Checks – Your consultant will arrange quarterly to walk your space to be sure all product is in working order and discuss any needed changes to the space.

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