What Furniture Does NexGen Workspace Sell?

NexGen’s lineup of manufacturers is extensive and allows us to cover a wide range of workplace needs and applications.

December 20, 2022

As an open line furniture dealer, NexGen Workspace does not focus on the specific furniture manufacturers we represent when working with clients. We are free to specify the items that fit the functional and price point needs of each project. Our differentiator is not the products we sell but rather the process employed to provide our clients with true flexibility and an efficient and sustainable process. Still, we understand the need to know the lines we represent before working with us and to know the products we will be placing in each workspace.

NexGen’s lineup of manufacturers is extensive and allows us to cover a wide range of workplace needs and applications. We have completed projects for all sizes of offices from tech startups to car dealers. We have lines to build an open office plan with a modern aesthetic and more traditional offices for law and accounting firms. NexGen also specializes in medical office furniture for waiting areas, treatment rooms, and administrative spaces. NexGen is also an experienced dealer for many government agencies including GSA.

Below are a few of the key manufacturers we work with:

  1. Global Furniture Group

Global Furniture Group originated in 1966, when the company was founded with the vision of manufacturing well-made office furniture at affordable prices. That promise continues today through a network of vertically integrated suppliers, manufacturers and distributors who bring our products to market around the world. Global is one of North America’s largest furniture manufacturers and has one of the deepest lines available. If you can dream it, Global can do it.

Global offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that are designed and engineered to meet the changing needs of the Workplace, Education and Healthcare markets. Global’s success over the past half-century owes much to its team, which takes pride in creating quality products and providing the highest level of service.

Video | Global – A Trusted Partner

2. Sit On It Seating

Sit On It is a leading manufacturer of commercial solutions – and #1 in task chairs. From tables and lounge to screens and more, Sit On It has been the go-to destination for comprehensive, build-to-order solutions for almost 25 years. They combine award-winning design with the fastest lead times around (choose from 2, 5 or 10-day shipping). Sit On It can build almost any specification you want, deliver it when you need it and offer a price no one can match. It’s all part of their indie California spirit and drive to help you do more.

3. Kwalu

    Kwalu is a leading manufacturer for waiting and patient room furniture for healthcare and senior living applications and uses the latest technology to make furnishing solutions that offer both long-lasting durability and cleanability. Kwalu also offers impeccable customer service — so that whatever the next challenge may be, you’ve got a partner you can trust to meet your unique needs.

    Worn and tired-looking furniture can cause visitors to draw negative conclusions about your hospital, off-site medical office or senior living community – and in turn your quality of care. This adversely impacts your bottom line. But Kwalu products will look as good in year 10 as they do on the day of delivery or installation. With Kwalu, you create and effortlessly maintain impressive, yet cost-effective spaces that enhance your reputation and make everyone feel welcome. Kwalu manufactures furniture that is as tough as it is beautiful. From lounge and lobby, café and dining areas, resident/patient rooms, student centers, and everything in between, Kwalu offers the perfect mix of style, cleanability, and durability.

    Wood furniture is typically protected with surface coatings, which start to wear off, scratch and dent within days of first being used. Wood’s warmth and elegance has been re-imagined into Kwalu’s everlasting finish, which is highly durable, and unlike surface coatings, offers protection all the way through its outer shell.

    4. Sossego

    When your workspace needs to make a statement, think of Sossego. Sossego offers beautifully crafted, art piece level furniture made from sustainable Brazilian hardwood. Sossego features a wide array of hospitality and lounge products that bring warmth and natural lines to any space.

    Sossego [so-SAY-go] is a Portuguese word that describes a uniquely Brazilian way of life, one of easy going warmth and bliss. Their award-winning Brazilian designers create hand-crafted furniture, lighting and art so that you too may experience sossego.

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