What is a HAT?

HAT...what is that? Ok, that sounds like the start of a Dr. Suess story.

November 15, 2021

The world of commercial furniture is full of jargon. We all think we know the names of furniture pieces but then we get into a meeting about furnishing an office and the team from the dealership starts to sound like they are in the military or planning a space shuttle launch with all the industry terms and acronyms being thrown around. In this series, we will explain some of the most common terms so you can be in the know.

HAT…what is that? Ok, that sounds like the start of a Dr. Suess story.

HAT is just an acronym for Height Adjustable Table. In the vernacular most use the term sit to stand or adjustable height desk however those terms are also be used for the portable desk top units placed on a standard desk made popular by Vari (Formerly VARIDESK) so HAT is used for clarity. While looking for a height adjustable desk, keep in mind whether or not you want to go with a brand name like Var or if you are open to alternatives.

Why HAT and not HAD for Height Adjustable Desk? Well, there are many possible applications for ergonomic height adjustment including training and meeting tables. Still, it is most common in a desk at a workstation. 

When making a furniture order you will usually see the HAT base as separate line item from the worksurfaces. They are almost always sold separately to allow for a variety of sizes and finishes to be chosen. The bases can adjust to fit most size worksurfaces.

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