Why NexGen’s 3 Promises Matter to Your Project

If you need to create a new office space or are trying to upgrade an existing space for your organization, the path forward is far from simple.

December 7, 2022

If you need to create a new office space or are trying to upgrade an existing space for your organization, the path forward is far from simple. With so many options to choose from, it’s hard to even know what you want, much less understand what you should budget to accomplish this goal. From unclear pricing to lengthy design processes, the average commercial furniture dealer doesn’t make this any easier. NexGen is a commercial furniture dealer, but we were founded with three unique promises in mind that set us apart from the competition.

  1. Simple process-NexGen is committed to keeping its customers in the loop on where we are in the sales/project process, what the next step will be, and when you can expect the next step to happen.  You will not spend days and weeks in limbo, wondering what is happening with your project.

NexGen’s standard process is designed to help facilitate your decision-making right from the start.  At the beginning of an undertaking like this, you need accurate and complete information to form a plan. Rather than going through a lengthy design process, waiting long periods between contacts with your dealer, before you even get to understand your initial budget, we prioritize getting you the most accurate pricing possible, right from the start. How else can your organization expect to make a meaningful plan?

  1.  Bundled pricing-Using our website’s build tool, you can have a budgetary quote within minutes for your project. We offer custom design and unlimited options like any other dealer, but if you go with our standard products and finishes, you can have bundled pricing right from the start.

Aside from the obvious advantage of having the pricing for your project in minutes, the other important feature of our pricing is that it is bundled. You will have no surprise charges in your furniture contract. We go out of our way to define our scope of work to make sure it includes things like electrical work or data cabling, if you don’t already have those covered separately. Design, delivery, and installation are always included in NexGen’s initial budget pricing so when you get a budget from our design tool, you can use this number with confidence for this part of your project.

  1. Payment options-NexGen offers 3 ways to pay so your organization can choose the plan that works best for its unique needs. We offer rental, which allows you to commit to as little as 1 year and return, change or upgrade your package after that. There are rent to own payment plan options, and of course we also accept payment in full upon completion of your project if that is the best route for your company.

Flexibility is another big advantage in going with NexGen for your office interior. Our Furniture as a service plan allows you to get your new office established even though you may still expect to grow rapidly in the short term. We will partner with you to re design and add or remove workstations as needed throughout the contract. Alternatively, if you install a FaaS package and end up downsizing, you can return everything at the end of one year (and we will remove it from the space at no additional charge!!)

You should do your research when you are searching for a dealer to help you with your office interior project. Even a small office renovation is a substantial project that can have large impacts on your team, so it’s important to know what you are signing up for when you begin a relationship with a commercial furniture dealer.  As you investigate options, think about what is important for your team to get the project done right. If budget, transparency, and flexibility are valuable to you, give us a call today-we will partner with you to take care of all your workspace needs!

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